Glass-front fireplaces are known to cause third-degree burns to human hands, sometimes in just a second or two. These burns may require surgery such as skin grafts and years of physical therapy, especially in infants and toddlers who are still growing.
​Darin and his team at Luneckas Law, P.C. have successfully assisted in the negotiation of over one milion dollars worth of settlements with fireplace manufacturers for children with hand burns in the past three years alone. 
Fireplaces are a focal point of many homes in Eastern Iowa, providing warmth and ambiance for those gathering around.  Unfortunately, fireplaces with glass fronts may be improperly designed to reach temperatures at or above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Some fireplace manufactures have failed to properly warn consumers of the dangers of glass-front gas fireplaces. Even when turned off, glass-front fireplaces can remain dangerously hot for an hour or more. 

Until January 1, 2015, screens designed to reduce the burn risk were not legally required on glass-front gas fireplaces. Now, glass-front fireplaces that reach temperatures above 172 degrees are required to have protection from these terrible burns. Retailers however, can still sell the glass-front gas fireplaces made before January 1, 2015 without protective screens.

Although recent steps have been taken to protect consumers from dangerous conditions that could cause third-degree burns, this still does not take the product liability out of the manufacturers’ hands. By placing an extremely dangerous product into the homes of consumers, manufacturers and sellers should and will be held responsible. Hundreds of individuals, including infants and toddlers, continue to fall victim to the extreme temperatures produced by glass-front gas fireplaces.

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