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Workers' Compensation has Changed in Iowa
Workers' compensation laws have changed in Iowa.
Part 5 of our Workers' Compensation short-video series.
Darin explains how he works to move claims forward faster.
"A lot of clients that call in are at a stage where their bills aren't being paid. They're not getting weekly benefits from the insurance company. They're getting calls from the electric company. They're getting threatened by their landlord because they haven't paid rent.
I try to picture myself in their position and that allows me to be forceful with the insurance company. To make that particular claim on their desk a priority - because I let them know that this client's suffering. I let them know that this is causing real pain to real people. And sometimes that helps the adjuster realize that this needs some priority and accelerates the speed at which they accept a claim.

There are new workers' compensation laws in Iowa.
In Part 4 of our new video series, Darin tells us what to do if you are injured at work.
"Getting a claim accepted... It can take weeks, it can take months. Based on what opinions you need in order to connect the cause of your injury to your work activities. It depends on how complex the injury is, what body part is involved... and it can take quite awhile to get them to accept a claim. And some insurance companies simply never will accept a claim until a deputy decision-maker in the Workers' Compensation Commission enters an order after a hearing... Saying that they were wrong the whole time. It was compensible and they need to catch up all your benefits and repay the health insurance company or Medicaid who might have had to step to pay those bills while they were being wrongfully denied."

In Part 2 of our new video series, Darin tells us what to do if you are injured at work.

"Go directly to your immediate supervisor and let them know that you are injured so that you comply with the reporting requirements and you don't get into a situation where over 90 days have passed since the time of the injury. That could exclude entirely the requirement that they provide any compensation or medical benfits for your injury.
Next is to get to the doctor. Insist that they send you to their doctor, which is a requirement that they get to choose who provides the medical care.
If there is any issue with them paying benefits for you being off of work or any issue with getting proper medical care to make you better, that's when you need to call a lawyer to make sure they're doing what they're supposed to do.​ ​​

In Part 3 of our new video series, learn what to do if you are injured at work.

"You have to call an attorney when the representative from the insurance company is telling you that they're not going to provide you with any benefits. If they claim it's not work related... they've taken your statement and you get a letter saying, 'We've decided that your claim is not going to be compensated...' "
"You definitely need to call an attorney at that time because if you wait too long to show them why they're wrong, you give them more ammunition down the road when it comes time for a judge to tell you who's right and who's wrong."
"The longer you wait to prove your claim the more it looks like you didn't believe it the claim in the first place."​

In Part 1 of our Workers' Compensation video series, Darin explains how it could affect cases for people injured at work.

"The new laws will have an effect on nearly every type of workers' compensation case that there is.
Namely the concern is that it will make it much easier for the insurance company to deny initially many claims arising out of work injuries.
Unfortunately, most insurance companies - in my experience - delay and deny benefits to workers... Which usually leads them to calling lawyers to figure out what's going on and what they can do to get the benefits they deserve."
Injured at Work?
You need a lawyer to help you get through the first six months after a work injury.
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Why do I need to contact a lawyer right away if I'm Injured at work?
Darin Luneckas, Luneckas Law, P.C.
"One of the biggest misconceptions for injured workers is that they don't need help. That as long as they're getting medical care and money for time off work everything's going to be fine. Then mistakes get made over those six months. Realize there is a billion dollar industry standing behind that employer trying to get the claim set up to be settled as cheaply as possible. You needed a lawyer on your side - whether officially or behind the scenes - letting you know how to get through those first six months."
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What to expect when you call Luneckas Law, P.C. to help when you're injured in a car accident.
Have you been injured in an accident? Luneckas Law, P.C. can help.
What happens when you call Luneckas Law, P.C.?
Darin Luneckas, Luneckas Law, P.C.
"When I first meet with a client I want to figure out first what happened. How did the accident happen? Whose fault was it? Who has contacted you about the accident? What have you said to them? Have you gone to the doctor? What does the doctor say? Are you going to need more care? Are you being pressured by the insurance company to settle your suit quickly? These are things that are very key early on in the case."
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Injured in a car accident?
A warning to people injured in car accidents
Have you been injured in a car accident in eastern Iowa?
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What do you need to know if you've been injured in a car accident?
Darin Luneckas, Luneckas Law, P.C.
"My number one warning to people who are victims of car accidents is: Do not trust the adjuster for the insurance company who represents the guy who caused the accident. I can't tell you how many people have come to me thinking that the people they've been on the phone with were looking out for them. Their job is to get the case settled as cheaply as possible. You're a number to them. You're a liability to them. They are not paid to care about whether you're made whole. I can do that job for you. That's what we do."
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