"In the end, I received far more than I was expecting. We settled outside of court, which is what I wanted, and I am now free to move on with my life." 

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When you’ve worked in one career your entire life, job injuries can pose a serious threat to your livelihood. Workers’ compensation laws exist to provide employees the financial support they need after an injury.

Employers either buy workers’ compensation insurance or get approval from the state to become self-insured.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. The employee does not need to prove the employer was negligent to file a workers’ compensation claim. In addition, an employee can make a claim even if he or she was negligent when an injury occurred. Anyone can file a claim as long as it was work-related during the course of their employment and their regular job duties.
At Luneckas Law, P.C., we know that some Iowa insurance companies try to avoid paying injured workers. When we take legal action, it’s not against your employer. It’s against your employer's insurance company. If you’re concerned with the impact a workers’ compensation claim may have on your relationship with your employer, don’t worry. Legally, employers cannot fire you for filling a claim. 

The experienced workers’ compensation attorney and staff at Luneckas Law will help you recoup all the money that you’re entitled to.

If your case cannot be settled, it will go to arbitration. Having a workers’ compensation attorney on your side gives you a better chance to receive an equitable settlement. Why? We know the right questions to ask and make sure your case is presented in a professional and detailed manner.

Some job injuries require only short-term medical treatment to resolve. Others can lead to permanent disabilities.

Your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance company must pay for all your medical care related to your workplace injury. In addition, your employer is required to pay benefits while you cannot work and provide lost earning potential resulting from temporary or permanent injury. So-called “body as a whole injuries” are the most likely to lead to work restrictions and/or disabilities.

These are the most common areas of the body affected:

Obstacle: The client suffered an injury while on the job in 2015. After contacting the Luneckas Law Firm, the client was very pleased by their experience and outstanding customer support.
Insurance offered: Less than $4,000
Testimonial: "The prompt responses I received from Mr. Luneckas gave me a sense of security. His staff was friendly and greeted me by name every time I visited. In the end, I received far more than I was expecting. We settled outside of court, which is what I wanted, and I am now free to move on with my life. Hopefully I will never need a lawyer again, but if I do, I will use Darin Luneckas."
Justice: The case was settled outside of court after just 10 months.
Result: The insurance carrier paid over $20,000.

Obstacle: Our client was in a car accident while on a work errand. He suffered constant chest pain and required more than $50,000 in medical care to control the symptoms. The Workers’ Comp insurance company denied the claim even though our client had to quit his high paying job due to chronic pain.
Workers compensation insurance offered: $0.00
Negligent driver insurance offered: $90,000 (settled)
Justice: We filed against both the work compensation carrier and the underinsurance coverage for the car the client drove. Each case went to mediation.
Result: Workers’ comp mediation insurance paid: $300,000.
Personal injury mediation for underinsurance coverage the insurance carrier paid: $400,000.

Cedar Rapids is home to many hard working families. If you or someone you care about was injured on the job, we’ll fight for appropriate compensation.
Workers’ compensation cases are always handled on a contingency fee basis, which means we’ll never charge attorney fees unless we recover damages for you.
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