Working in a safe environment is important and most employers do everything in their power to keep the workplace safe. Despite all best efforts, work injuries or injuries sustained on the job do happen. Depending on the seriousness of the work related injury, it can pose a serious threat to your ability to earn a living. Workers’ compensation is available to provide injured employees the financial support they need through the healing process.
At Luneckas Law, P.C., we have worked with many Iowa insurance companies that try to settle for less when dealing with injured workers. We work hard to get the best settlement and the appropriate amount of money you are entitled to.

Types of Workplace Injuries
Some on-the-job injuries don’t require long-term medical treatment or hospital stays.  Others, more severe work related injuries, can lead to permanent disabilities. The company you work for and their workers’ compensation insurance company should cover your medical bills and lost wages as a result of a work-related injury. Iowa workers who end up permanently disabled will need the help and guidance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to make sure they receive all of the compensation they have coming.
Certain types of work related injuries called “body as a whole injuries” will typically lead to restrictions or disabilities. Most of the time, these injuries effect the following areas:

Often times, an insurance company will offer less than fair compensation for these kinds of injuries. We know the right questions to ask your medical provider.  And we know how to discuss your work related injury case with work comp companies to get you the benefit you deserve.

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